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tv   Fox 5 Morning News 6  FOX  August 23, 2016 6:00am-7:00am EDT

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fresh off a vacation president barack obama headed to louisiana to visit victims of that devastating flooding. plus the fbi looking into attack in virginia that could have been inspired by isis. >> and first a live look outside tuesday morning august 23 weather and traffic coming up on fives at 6:05. good tuesday morning everybody. i'm allison seymour. >> i'm wisdom martin. >> steve chenevey has the day off. welcome to "fox5 news morning". following developing news. fbi looking into whether knife attack at apartment building in southwest virginia was inspired by isis. >> this is 20-year-old wasal faruk arrested saturday for possibly trying to be head a man at roanoke apartment complex and injured a woman and may have yelled something during the attack in arabic. all three were taken to the hospital. "abc news" is reporting he may
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have been on authority's radar and tried sneak into syria earlier this year. >> well, back here in the state thoyss of devastated louisiana residents are trying to recover after that flash flooding. >> "fox5" ang anjali hemphill is live with the latest own that strongy. good morning. >> president obama will leave from white house later today to meet with flood victims and local officials in baton rouge and that visit comes five days after gop presidential nominee and running mate mike pence toured areas. that visit spurred more criticism from obama and others this is the country's worst natural disaster since hurricane sandy. one of the dozen -- more than a
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tens of thousands of homes. however the louisiana governor has warned against outside politicians visiting too soon. and he has publicly asked owe bam owe to stay away from now saying a visit is a drain on resources whoa prefer to devote to flood relief. >> you're not playing golf in martha vineyard. >> thank you for showing up here. >> that's right. >> make america great again. >> survivors of flooding in louisiana are not well served by political discussion. they're well served by competent effective, strong, coordinated government respons response. >> meanwhile, hillary clinton's campaign said she will also visit louisiana "at a time when the presence of political campaign will not disrupt the response" we're live at the white house, anjali hemphill,
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"fox5 local news". >> a federal judge is telling states department it needs to release 15,000 documents tried tried to little little investigation. they're all the emails secretary clinton september or received during her time. the earliest the turnover could happen is in october before the election and dem extraic candidate says there's nothing in her emails that are interesting. >> done done may be changing his stance on immigration. arounding up and reporting 11 million undocumented immigrants in the united states is up in the air and trump will follow existing laws to get bad people and killer out of the country and cancelled two event for later this week where he was expected to talk about his immigration plan. >> circuit court approved a request for city to hole aid special election to choose a new mayor. earlier this month city council had steven storm storm serve as
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stombres and right now in virginia, 13,000 former felons have the chance to vote. virginia governor terry mcauliffe restored their voting rights and it comes weeks after the state supreme court shut down the executive order to restore e thting rights. >> mcauliffe over stepped his authority and state restoration on voting rights should be on case to case basis that's what he d he looked individually before restoring voting right. mean while in the death of freddie gray the two officers will received come baind back pay. officers alicia white and porter were us is spended without pay since may of 2015 and now that they were acquitted they're entitled to back pay. wright is going to receive under $100,000 and porter
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$70,000. >> rise and shine back to school time. today is fist day at school for students in prince george country today top school, country and state officials will tour select sites to welcome students back welcoming prince george ceo maxwell and maryland delegate angela angel. >> delegate age sell hosting dab day at some schools. she'll have a male role model in the community with her in front of several schools to given courageing handshake or dap. >> i love that. make sure post your child's back to school pictures. use the #fox5firstday we'll share hel on the air. >> huge week. >> better because you're back. >> i had a nice long extended weekend. >> i did watch you guys on my phone a little bit. >> you did? >> yes. >>
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>> name one thing we did. >> how about the 20 second super wrap. >> besides that last minute of the show yesterday. don't even try it. >> we're glad you're back. >> all right. all right. let's do it, 58. comfortable out there early and it's beautiful across the area. look at the 50s in baltimore. 62 out of dulles. georgous day. low humidity. temps don't get out of the mid 80s. daytime highs and storm free this afternoon. sol all systems go for another beautiful day. recess, always my best class. >> yes. >> i felt the reset. >> ting of the play ground. >> hopscotch. yes. teminger ball, kick ball, di it all. >> i don't think you can do that anymore. >> why. >> you're slapping people with a ball. >> fair.
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we'll warm it up. >> you say you watched that rap battle yesterday who won between me and allison. >> it was tie. >> it was skilled. >> it was close. >> it was not even close. >> erin it was close. good morning. >> i would like to beg to differ. >> really you go on me like that. >> wisdom i expected more from you. you can bring it today. i want more spoken word by martin. how about that. >> round two today i like that idea. >> it's like a poetry slam. rap contest, you know, people up there. metro updates to shady grove on the red line. let's switch it up for a look at the roads. 95 southbound moving from icc to beltway and we're seeing a little bit of volume picking up on maryland commute from baltimore. baltimore washington parkway also starting to pick up by powder mill road. let's look live at sky fox. once you get to beltway outer loop has more increased volum
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than inner loop as you make your way to college mark and to jorn ano major slow downs and traffic is starting to wake up. 270 southbound jammed to the truck scales and take a look at maps. looking at prince william drive time double from prince william park way to fairfax country parkway to centerville you have the usual from gaindzville to centerville let's see if we can forward you a look. you see i'm up abit across the of course aquan as well. >> and this morning there's a brand new discovery about accused charleston church shooter dylann roof. >> we'll share disturbing details what authorities found out about him before the church massacre.
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>> happening now overseas the united nations humanitarian chief calling on 48 hour sees fire in syria so aid can be delivered to the worn torn avenue alepo. things are so bad millions of people don't have access to clean water. killings in alepo came to light last week after a 5-year-old syrian boy was rescued after a air strike. no doubt you have
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picture with soot on his face and blood and bloodid with a lock of shock. >> japan northern most island hit hard by typhoon. several homes were also damage damaged. hundreds ever flights in that area were cancelled because ever a storm. the wind is not helping. wind gusts up to 112 miles an hour. >> new information this morning on accused charleston south carolina church shooter dylann roof he was self radicalized in the months before the massacre and new documents said he hand held two manifestos one before 2015 attack and other while in jay and roof is charged with more than 40 state and federal crimes and his lawyer says he will plead guilty if they do not seek the death penalty. >> fourteen age suspects and a robbery on the for the totten metro stop. take a
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this is clear surveillance police were looking for. if you happen to be on the green line train hyattsville police wants to hear from you. this morning, arlington county police are searching for a suspect that aattempted to assault a woman 2:30 in the morning sunday. a man ambushed her from behind and thankfully the woman was able to fight them off and broke free. the suspect was last seen running towards d.c. >> metro commuters using select pass are about to have more options to save money on rides. >> here's thousand works at the beginning of each month riders load smart trip cards with total of 18 round trips and once they made the trips the rest of the month travel are free. that used to have only two price point
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price point for trips benefiting from the program. after a successful summer it's expanding the program to include 7 more ranging from 225 to $4 plus 5.90 maximum fare. >> officials getting ready to start work on a new water towe tower. >> work will begin on st. louis weather tour the 14 million product will be replaced by 2 2018. that will replace one built in the 1930s if. >> might be time. >> i would say so. >> five years ago today the ground in washington d.c. shook with a rare earthquake. magnitude 5.8 quake damaged washington monument but it was historic national cathedral that caused worst damage, $34 million as part of the storm crumbling today and today and raise funds for
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repairs to cathedral. erin and tucker will try for one last picture. >> tucker barnes you're going to try a quake shake raises money to restore the national kath he'd rap coming up on good day d.c.. >> tucker is excited. >> i'm glad you informed him of his assignment for the day. 6:14 is the time. coming up if you book a flight today you may number luck. real luck. we'll tell you where air fare is so cheap today. >> let's put that to the test. >> i think we should. >> a live look outside on the brakes this tuesday morning, weather and traffic on the
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fios is not cable. we're wired differently, which means we can fix things fferently. thanks for calling fios. this is ryan. you can't tell me this cord isn't in. i know it's in. it's in, but it's not working. i'm sending you a link to the my fios app that going to let me see what you're seeing. really? yes, mr. mcenroe... see that cord? just plug it into the connector on the right.
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oh absolutely. i like that. tech support that lets your technician see the problem over your smartphone. only from fios.
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>> welcome back bus stop forecast because it's first day of school. yeah! i'm excited [ applause ]. >> little round after applause. there you go. 60 and 68 comfortable out there early and after school temps low to mid 80s. low humidity all day today perfect way to start school. 68 washington and 67 annapolis and leonardtown 50s breaking out. auto gaithersburg and 55 in frederick and 59 baltimore. very, very nice temperatures to start day. very nice temperatures to end day as well. we're expecting
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low humidity. not expecting rain. quiet up and down the i 95 corridor. dew point temperature has fallen and therefore humidity is down. high pressure overhead keeps things quiet today. today, tomorrow, both look fantastic and gradual warm-up. high pressure overhead the next 24 hours slips south and that return flow will start. once that return flow gets going winds south pump up temperatures and humidity by thursday. friday looks like rain shower activity. friday our temperature willing in mid 90s. enjoy this respite of nice weather. yesterday was gorgeous and temperatures remain in 80s. comfortable at night and warm other days. hot, 90. we're expecting sunshine both days. that is weather update. erin is back at morning roadways. >> that's great, tucker. i want to
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down in the school zones. we adjust to traffic patterns. slow it down through the school zones and use caution. right now 270 southbound to owe 109 it takes you 19 minutes. a live look outside past the beltway to the spur. looking from sky fox we're taking a look by georgia avenue from 95 to jorming athat is outer loop and you're dealing with stop and gop traffic and things cruising back to the maps now. we'll show you what are you up against. slow downs to centerville. what took 11 minutes is now taking 20. and as you can see we're seeing a crash blocking shoulder. 95 northbound by 610 and disabled vehicle lorton and we you have covered. we have more traffic in a few as things pick autopsy roun the area. back to you
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>> ryan lochte losing more endorsements. >> we'll tell you the latest company that is cutting dies back in a moment. ♪ ♪ hey, is this our turn? honey...our turn? yeah, we go left right here. (woman vo) great adventures are still out there.k we'll find them in our subaru outback. (avo) love. it's what makes a subaru, a subaru. get zero percent on select subaru models during the subaru a lot to love event, now through august thirty-first.
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>> all right. welcome back. ryan lochte losing out on big time endorsements and today is a great day to book airline tickets. join us us from the fox business network studio. lauren simonetti. good to see you. >> i had to look over to see if that voice was really you. hey, wisdom, how are you doing. >> i have no
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seems like forever. i don't know what's up with that. we're together right now. up like ryan lochte and all his former endorsers they're no longer together. >> the over exaggeration of what happened at gun point in that gas station in rio de janeiro has lost ryan some sponsorsin fact all of them four of them dumping the swimmer after the story had question marks, speedo, getle hair removal and a ralph lauren cutting ties with swimmer. those contracts were worth $1 million a year together and he no longer has them. >> i wonder what he will do now if he comes up with another lame reality show and see what happens. >> what would he do. >> i'm not sure. >> i'm glad he died his
6:24 am
>> we have to wait to see the punishment from the association of swimming i don't know the name of it for sure. >> let's switch gears and talk about something happen. cheap tickets today is great day to buy an airline ticket i've been trying go to hawaii now is this the time i save my $150 bucks. >> you might find a good deal going to hawaii today because it's cheap ticket day. basically what it means is that tuesday, august 23 of this year starts fall for airlines. it's time of year when they say kids are back to school and you see does he manned for tickets go down and therefore we can cut prices 20% before winter holiday come in. so between now and thanksgiving for most part you should be able to find a deal on airfare. good luck,
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you don't go to what youy or 1 100 bucks. >> i don't think at any point i'll be able to fly anywhere especially west coast for 100 bucks or 150 bucks. we'll not plame you lauren simonetti you're just delivering information. >> lauren. >> always good to see you it's been my honor and pleasure to talk to you today. >> hey wisdom. >> see you later. >> you too. >> what's wrong with you guys. >> what's happening? >> never mind. i got nothing. >> you and me can go to hawaii. we very nice weather here. >> san diego weather. >> is there ever a bad time to go to hawaii. >> i'm just saying. >> good point i guess. 58 washington. humidity in check, wind out
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expect a beautiful day. daytime highs will number mid 80s. we look sunshine and 85. >> yes. >> and low humidity and we should be dry this afternoon as well. here's a quick look at the 7 day. 85. plenty of sunshine today, 88 tomorrow and we'll pick our head up above 90 thursday. time for a zip trip to. >> college park. >> college park. >> college park. >> college park friday say hi us to and the weekend looks great too. >> little hospital. >> i want to say it's app honor and pleasure to come back where there's vacation. >> erin como, good morning. >> thank you, miss allisons is my pleasure to make the report. although i did not smile and blush like wisdom.
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minute delay because of stop and go traffic. upper loop quiet you will that that tyson to legion bridge. we'll show you the maps. other issues around the area you need to be acquire of. it takes ten shoulder problems of crash and then norton there's a stall blocking the lane. and if you take metro few problems malfunction king street delay blue line and residual delays to shady grove. we'll take a look at cameras around the area next and show you jamups you need to be acquire you aware of coming into the city. >> trump may have -- the o's and the nats. >> what are the chance the nat nats. >> what are the chances they'll make a come back. >> they're excellent. >> we'll check in with sports junkies next becau
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what we're going to talk about with them. there's a freedom about asheville. an unspoken invitation to discover who you really are. here, the world is a big, beautiful place filled with adventure. take it in. come up for air.
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asheville. discovery, inside and out.
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♪ >> that's right wisdom it's a groove. that's what we do 6:30. welcome back to "fox5 news morning" looks like a beautiful day on tap. upper 630s. when is the last time we saw that this summer. warm and traffic on the fives at 6:35. meantime today president barack obama is scheduled to travel to baton rouge louisiana andot
6:31 am
parts of state to get a firsthand look at devastation left behind from last week's floods. 13 people were killed and more than 60,000 homes damminged in the flood and this is worst natural disaster on american soil since super storm sandy in 2012. >> new this morning fbi investigating whether this man wasil farooqui sources told "abc news" he may have traveled to turkey and sneak into syria to bheet isis recruiters earlier this year. >> donald trump may being changing his stance on immigration. he admitted arounding up and deporting up documented imgrants in the u.s. as he said he would do is now up owe in the air. gop nominee sups said she would build a wall on southern border own kick out all imgrant not here llly and trump
6:32 am
follow existing laws to get bad people and killers out of country and hold a rally in austin texas later. >> thank you, allison. time for the morning line. battle of belt ways continues today and so far charm city is coming out on top. let's check in with the sports junkies 106.7 fm the fan good to talk to you fellas. >> it was a one run game, it was a squeeker, skom on, man. >> doesn't matter whether you win by 1 or 1,000 only one mark goes in win column. you know what the nats are doing. sleep walking through the series. they have an eight game leave. orioles are desperate team here clawing back in al east race. if nats can slit one and get one today oriole park and come back to nats park and win a couple games s it's fine don't papic.
6:33 am
again. they're saying it's no big deal. you never know what these ring rings. >> he's going to ace the staff this year and they need to get them right during playoff sglim carey point is them saying everything fine and he's a-okay don't worry about it. they lie, wisdom, all they do is lie, lie, lie, lie, lie, sdachbt matter what they say. all of them everybody associated with professional sports lies all the time. >> wow. >> wow. >> they're liars. >> you came strong this morning. >> don't think it's limited to sports. you think tv executives don't lie. >> oh, yeah. >> tv executives lie. >> your people lie. >> my bosses, liars. >> wow. >> how did we get here. >> i had a lot of coffee. >> i'll take the high road and ignore the last couple statements thought just said. i'll act like you didn't say that. >> come on,
6:34 am
company, man, come on wisdom. >> instead corporate wisdom is going to talk about something else because mark trumbo and rest of orioles keep hitting home runs. what's up with that. they keep hitting home runs. it's incredible trumbo with 38 last night. >> i don't care about him. >> and playing bad box. >> you can say it's a band box but chris davis u. trumbo, they hit home runs. this is what they do. >> last thing another preseason game against buffalo is this an issue or not an issue. >> it's definitely an issue. this is reading back with an injury prone. he likes to put the ball on the carpet. you can't rely on the guys in house. you have guys like kelly w
6:35 am
last i checked is 5' 8", 19 0. >> he always gets hurt. >> he can't handle all day every day poundings that someone the size of matt jones should be talking about it. it's not an issue he'll miss the two quarters of action the starters are playing this fame and that is frustrating that nobody plays sort of any significant time and games' results are completely meanin meaningless. >> they need to scrap preschbility clem football they say go. what's the point of preseason. >> have a scrimmage and play. >> corporate wisdom the question is when steelers come to town will he be ready or effective. depth of running back is major issue and scott mc cluen has straightening out to do. >> corporate wisdom out. >> nice pocket square. >> don't trust anything they say, wisdom
6:36 am
head on a civil. >> corporate wisdom and he's got four kids. >> see you guys later. >> step away from the conversation. >> wisdom has pills to pay. >> i like that very much, corporate wisdom. >> where did you get that from. >> the rock. >> in the wrestling days. >> will you fill me in on that. >> beautiful weather at camden yards for baseball. beautiful there tonight. nice here in d.c. wednesday, thursday for the games as well. >> perfect. >> so look forward tore that. 58 washington reagan nag at dulles 62 and bwi marshall in the 50s. 5 9 baltimore. fantastic start to day. beautiful midday afternoon should be dry. daytime highs mid 80s and low humidity and all systems go for another beautiful afternoon nice evening. 84 at 5 . sunny and warm and not
6:37 am
nice and dry. beautiful day. 7 day has more heat on it and maybe a thunderstorm. i'll let you know when. >> today let's enjoy it. >> one day at a time. >> there it is. >> let check in with erin como. >> 6:37 a live look in virginia you can see 66 eastbound backs up 29 through centerville needing extra minutes goat gainesville to this point. we'll switch cameras and see what else we have this morning. nobody looking okay and you hit a big wall of traffic near fairfax country parkway. speeds under 15. across the 14 street bridge, backed up seminary to 14 street bridge. gw parkway slow to 123 as you make your way to 14 street bridge as well. moving to sky fox. a live look in maryland. beautiful. some congestion on the outer loop there. those trailts headed there as you make your way
6:38 am
10 to 15 extra minutes and in virginia tyson legion bridge inner loop slow. take a look at maps in metro delays on blue line as we continue and delays from southern maryland, back to you. >> 6:38 is the time now. after school ghold olympic games what's next. >> what one olympia an plans to do after her big
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>> 6:41 back with what's tren trending on the web. scary start to school year at the university of virginia. classes at the prestigious charlottesville classes began today and already a female student sexually assaulted allegedly. authorities say she was assaulted at knifepoint early saturday in residential area near campus and her attacker has not been apprehended yet. >> next olympic gymnast gabby douglass crowned adds celebrity judge 2017 miss america competition. douglass joins nba owner and actress sarah foster and former miss america charleen well at the judge's table. pageant finale will be broad last live from atlantic city september 11. >> and finally this is for you. tomorrow declared kobe bryant
6:42 am
day in los angeles. >> kobe. >> the honor falls on day to commorate the two jersey numbers that brian war not new jersey the jersey numbers he wore 8 and 24 he'll be honored at los angeles city hall. back to you. >> what is the deal? are you hater? >> i think he was tremendous basketball player i think ego got in the way of being better i think he was selfish to a fault. >> does he deserve this. >> yes. >> this? >> yes. >> this honor? >> sure why not i'm not going hate humid on him any more. >> no. >> not any more. we don't have time now. >> thank you allison. >> you're welcome. >> singer aretha franklin won't come to d.c. for upcoming concert. we'll tell you why. reminder before you head to break if you have a news tip you can call the
6:43 am
screen or email us a tip to fox5tips we're back in a moment
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6:45 am
>> beautiful start to the day. >> september is gorgeous. >> gorgeous, gorgeous. >> 68. great day for students and prince george country going back today. >> everybody going back to school. lots of pictures. >> let's look at them on way to second grade. first of all let me say this is a little fashion
6:46 am
you're looking cute. anne arrundel county went back yesterday i suppose. >> first dave school. >> green match the green on backpack. >> look at bailey. she's got a whole little hookup here. first day of kindergarten. that's inagainious idea. where's that picture of graduating from college. >> so the kid want to thank you i hear for this beautiful day. >> bus stop forecast. first i want to did a tribute to my teacher. >> okay. >> second grade. >> got it bad, hot for teacher♪ >> mrs. grady. >> you were hot for mrs. grady. >> i was. >> everybody to be honest everybody had ray crush on a teacher right didn't they? >>
6:47 am
>> i'm thinking get back to me. >> your parents were your teachers. >> my mom was my teacher. >> that's why you didn't -- >> my grandmother taught me in first grade. >> you were not allowed to a cub on your grandmother. >> mr. grady. >> is she teaching. >> she quit after she taught you. >> she could have been like 23. >> are you kidding me yeah. >> mrs. grady if you're still teaching we honor you. >> we do honor you. >> honor all the teachers. >> all right. bus stop forecast. sunny, beautiful, mid 80s after school day. low humidity and around 80 midday. 68 washington looking fantastic areawide. look at 50s west and north have not done this in quite sometim sometime. 55 frederick. everybody in 50s in. hagerstown
6:48 am
martinburg, win chestner upper 50s and we're in for a beautiful day. dry conditions. mid 80s daytime eyes and looking at sunshine out there nice conditions for the next couple days. this area of high pressure is parked overhead. right where we want it this time of year. what's eventually happening it gets far enough south to get return flow and it get east of us southerly wind starts. warmer and more humid conditions start around hereby end of week and by thursday and friday back in 90s and we have thunderstorms ahead of cold front friday. that's next chance for rain shower activity. so nice, nice conditions out here for this afternoon and tonight. 85 today and 88 tomorrow and that's your warm-up and time to zip trip to college park friday. saturday, sunday, temps 90 with sunshine. erin is back with traffic. erin. did you have a memorable teacher. >> memorable teacher
6:49 am
>> yes i remember a lot of my teachers especially teach assistant for feeder class in college. >> oh, yeah. >> yeah. >> okay. moving over 270 southbound stop and go traffic 85 to germantown road. traffic backing up to 109. give yourself extra time to get through that area. if headed to frederick leave early to get to that congestion and spur. crash baltimore washington parkway. northbound approaching parkway. that's a long line of traffic trying to get to the beltway. southbound as well. lot of extra time inside and outside of beltway. and crash northbound side blocking both shoulders. adds we forward maps show you a look 95 express lanes kawingz big delays speeds under 10 miles an hour and 95 north blocking shoulder 610. delays heavy north and southbound through stafford. may keep
6:50 am
that congestion slows you down as well and seeing some congestion coming in from five southbound past wood yard road there's congested in ron back to you guys. >> erin, thanks, maryland officials stepping up efforts to kill mosquitoes understood to keep west mile and zika at bay. last night they sprayed old town, gaithersburg and wheaton area of concernsing ton and over next two days state inspectors go door to door looking for mosquito breeding sites and people republican courageed to follow the twitter feed to know about unscheduled spray events when that happens residents are supposed to stay indoors close winds owes and bring in pet's dishes. >> 2016 olympics may wrap up but the xlup just begun. they have work cut out for the them. workers started picking up trash overnight and they're still working early this morning clearly. and concern will return
6:51 am
rio's problems of pollution and in the waterways and sewage an trash from the 6 million people living there. >> today's fox beat you have seen this actor nick cannon headed back to school. he's a freshman at the howard university here in d.c.. he posted this picture on instagram saying he's on track to graduate in the year 2020 frauded high school 1998 and this new role means he's following in foot stechz drum line character that nrold historically black college. that's a stretch for this. the main thing though is he's going -- my thing you're never too famous or rich. some things money can't buy you and it's i guess a couple years at a university. >> although you can imagine it would have been like at your college if you had access all that money. >> no. >> in college. >> i'm surprised he pub sized that.
6:52 am
>> they know who he is. but everybody is following nick can ton. . this is your morning show now that you're here welcome to d.c.. >> you should be coming through our door if at any point during your four years. >> to questions about mar eye awhen he gets here. >> just nick cannon questions all day every day. i can see. it look. here's the deal a former member of washington redskins headed back to college as well. in a different role. darryl green hired by george mason in virginia associate athletics director and special assistant to the athletic director. >> the 56-year-old hall of famer will see a familiar face on the job. the university athletic director is edwards who played long. >> that arrow
6:53 am
out of the picture. that's what that was. >> going after the cowboys. >> nobody could catch door set at that time. >> all right. >> let's talk about aretha franklin. she is following doctors orders and getting rest. she's canceling some of upcoming concerts including one here at wolf trap due to health concerns that was supposed to be held friday. franklin said she should be back on stage in november. >> how long is miss frankly now? >> i'll find it born in 42 we wish her the best. these a natural treasure. we have to bubble wrap the people here. >> britney spears launched money to support the louisiana flood victims. >> i believe she is. >> she kicked off a crowd fund campaign or they say crowd ride but collecting money to raffle a trip to mtv video music wards in new york city dwli weekend.
6:54 am
>> it is. lucky grand prize winner will be able to meet britney spears. one other winner is picked and that person receives britney's outfit for vma. >> i would like to ask where this video is from. she's doing a excellent thing. where is the video from. >> good question. >> she grew up in louisiana. there you go. that's a good question. >> that's probably from one that song was out. that's okay. >> we have to run with whatever we have the rights to run with. >> she's aretha franklin is 74. >> got you. >> take it easy. >> absolutely. >> as your fox beat for the day. kevin clearly is on vacation somewhere and he'll be back to takeover. >> near and dear to my own heart. natalie is facebook fan of the day natalie porto and 50 today. >> happy birthday. >> she said she would love to
6:55 am
the day. >> look at that 1966 baby all grown up pretty girl. >> it was goodyear. >> for your chance to be tomorrow's facebook fan of the day host aim comment under natalies photo. ch. >> daytime eyes in mid 0s. overnight back in 50s early this morning. you can hear me? okay. okay. not sure -- let's do temps. we're looking at 67 degrees. that is coolest temperature in the month of august. reagan national. all right don't get too excited. wisdom is yawning. >> it could wo have been cool if it was 66 for natalie today because she was born in 66. >> ask and you shall receive. >> i'll make it 66, don't worr worry. >> beautiful day. mid 80s. low humidity, plenty
6:56 am
sunshine today. all systems go for a georgous tuesday. we warm up to middle to end of week. we're not done with 90s yet. storm get here friday afternoon. but there's a look at the 7 day. the weekend is hot. >> okay. enjoy beautiful day. very nice day. let's see if roads are cooperating. >> not at all. 95 southbound side you're basically parked. we're dealing with a big crash between center port parkway and 17 temporarily all lanes blocked and right now traffic crawling by one way exit well before this, huge delays packing up atypical on the southbound side and we'll take a look the maps and show you issue we're dealing with bw parkway nobody between 410 and beltway next. back to you. >> we're back in a few moments actually
6:57 am
keep it here to "fox5".
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>> straight ahead at 7 a possible isis inspired knife ram name southwestern vir vr a couple stabbed inside an apartment complex and the clues the fbi is looking at to determinep if the attacker was influenced by the terror grouped.
7:00 am
to flood ravaged louisiana after facing harsh criticism for not going sooner. the message he hopes to send houses of residents trying to pick up the pace. >> and paying the price what lies ahead for line lochte as he loses several sponsors due to his over reaction of being robbed in rio. >> august 23, 2016. it is absolutely georgous outside. and set to be that way most of the day. 68 right now. we'll talk weather with tucker and traffic with erin at 7:05. good morning to you i'm allison seymour. >> i'm in for steve chenevey today. >> and topping news this morning the buses are rolling for tens of thousands of more students today. we head back for first day of new school year. that's the case for nearly 1 129,000 students in prince george county and schools ceo doctor kevin maxwell is out and abou


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